Monday, May 7, 2012

Healy Jones Speech at BusinessInsider’s Startup 2012

I watched my buddy, Healy Jones, do this presentation at SXSW. He was great and the subject matter is so interesting. One thing I've learned is that people always over-rate their competitors. Don't ever let a big competitor stop you from doing something meaningful. They will almost never follow through with a product/service that is worthy. 


I (Healy Jones, for all you search engine bot's out there) spoke at last week's BusinessInsider Startup 2012 event in NYC. The topic was David vs. Goliath – how small companies can compete against big players like Google and Apple.

Julia Kenney of TMCnet infoTech Spotlight covered the speech with a nice write up. You can read her article here, in the cloud storage channel, called "How to Compete with Apple and Google."

One of the blurbs from my talk that she quoted was:

"It all has to do with being lean," said Jones. He noted how long it takes companies such as Google and Apple to launch anything because of all the administrative processes required before any decisions can officially be made."

Hopefully BI will post some video from the event so I can link to it as well.

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