Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Brunch - January 29, 2011

The links are back!

Quick new feature, every Sunday Brunch will have a Spotify link to the music that I listened to when I wrote this. This week it what an awesome mix of Ryan Adams music.
  • S*it Silicon Valley Says - this is perfectly accurate and hilarious.
  • Join the Flock - Twitter's awesome, bad recruiting video. When I was at Kellogg, Dick Costollo, now the CEO of Twitter, would speak to some of my classes and even went out to dinner with a bunch of us. At the time, he was CEO of Feedburner, a small but important RSS technology company in Chicago. He was super smart and very funny in a dry way. He was a stand-up comic in his free time, early in his career. Great guy and it's been fun to watch his ascent to CEO of one of the best tech companies in the world.
  • All She Wants is a Ride on a Motorcycle - tearjerker. 
  • Kill Hollywood - Paul Graham is one of my favorite tech writers. He runs the ultra successful Y Combinator Tech Incubator. When he says something like this, tens of thousand of young men and women listen, and try to accomplish it. Sometimes all talent needs is a little direction, and he is providing it here.
  • Teenager Has Never Seen a Record Before - ouch, I'm getting old.
  • Super Amit Update - fantastic story about Super Amit and his quest to find a bone marrow match & donor. This guy lit up the Internet and it was really ispirational. Thankfully all the hard work paid off and he found a match. Now comes the hard part. A friend of mine went through this and I'm happy to report she is doing great two years later!
  • Freaky Friday Management Technique - great lesson from a very successful CEO & Investor.
  • The Rise & Fall of Personal Computing - staggering graph. iPads & Smartphones are taking over. Not good for Microsoft.
  • Flipping the Day - great work advice from 37 Signals. Adding that little extra bit of flexibility to your day can make all the difference.
  • "Those Jobs Aren't Coming Back" - eye opening story about a conversation between Steve Jobs and President Obama.
  • RIP Bobs - goofy but interesting.
  • Zooey Deschanel: Cash is King - good article by my friend Kathryn.
  • Evening Magic - Beautiful shot of San Francisco by Fred Larson