Saturday, August 27, 2011

My TheDailyLove Post on Sugar Paper & Entrepreneurship

I wrote a post about my friend Chelsea Shukov and how she founded Sugar Paper for TheDailyLove. The founding of Sugar Paper is such a wonderful story about Chelsea finding her passion and her mom helping her along the way. Here is my favorite part but check out the whole thing:
"Six months into the job she was unhappy and designing after work was the only thing keeping her going. She fell into a funk and knew she needed to make a change, so she quit the office job. Although she wasn’t making a lot of money, she was designing for friends’ events on the side to keep her spirits up.  Those were tough times for Chelsea and she would talk to her mother nightly.  One night Chelsea made an off- hand remark about how much she loved letterpress printing.  Her mother was listening and decided to do something about it. Her mother began scouring eBay for a used, antique letterpress, and to Chelsea’s surprise, a printer magically appeared in her apartment. The rest is Sugar Paper history."