Saturday, February 12, 2011

Straw - Restaurant in Hayes Valley

My friend Courtney Pash took me to the delightful restaurant Straw on Tuesday night. Straw is in Hayes Valley and has a lite Carnival theme. The food is fantastic in a down home type of way. I shared a Crab sandwich and chicken waffles with Courtney and both were amazing, with the nod going to the Crab sando.

Here's where things get weird though. I ran a half marathon on Sunday and I've been starving all day, every day since. So I ordered another Crab Sandwich! As Ari took my second order he told me the Pork Sando is great too. I knew I must have both so I smooth talked Ari (and later Naomi) into making me a half & half sandwich. My second sando of the night was amazing and I was finally stuffed.

Definitely check out Straw. It's mellow, the people are friendly and the food is really awesome.