Monday, February 28, 2011

Greg Yeadon & Ben's Friends

A couple years ago, my buddy Greg Yeadon (Kellogg 07') approached me about helping out with our side project, Ben's Friends. At the time, we probably had 3 networks, but Greg recognized the potential. Since then, Greg has been helping us with special projects, including a deep dive into Medicare & Disability Benefit plans. We have so many members on disability and their money is tight. We're still trying to figure out how to serve them in this capacity and Greg is leading the efforts.

Greg also helps moderate the Chiari Malformations Support group. I know he's had a lot of fun there and it's no coincidence that it's one of our fastest growing networks.

Last week, Greg's good work was profiled in the Alumni Magazine of the University of Richmond. Here's a snippet. Congrats Greg!

"By day Gregory Yeadon, ’01, is an associate brand manager for Energizer. At night and on weekends he is a pro bono volunteer for Ben’s Friends, a rapidly growing and relatively new organization that develops and builds online communities for people suffering from rare diseases. 
The organization was started after Yeadon’s close friend, Ben Munoz, suffered a brain aneurysm as a result of Arteriovenous Malformation, or AVM. Munoz and another friend started a network for AVM survivors and quickly realized there was a need for online patient communities for people with other rare diseases. The two started Ben’s Friends and asked Yeadon to join the management team last year. 
It gives people with rare diseases a much needed place to connect, he says. “By definition, rare diseases are uncommon, so patients may have trouble obtaining advice or support from people who truly know what they are going through.”"