Monday, January 10, 2011

I have been trying to tell this story for months—I’ve been writing it in the shower,...

Awesome story about how meaghano got her job at Tumblr. 

Hint: She got it by doing, not talking about doing. 

"I got that job, I think, because everyone on Staff read my blog, a few of them knew me, and I seemed smart and friendly. I "got" the platform. I didn't write Mashable articles about how to best leverage the platform. I used it. They needed someone to talk to people for them. They needed someone to help people learn how to use Tumblr. I had a popular blog, I was nice and seemed insightful, a few of them knew me, followed me, had met me at Tumblr Meetups. John called me one day on the phone. He asked me what I was doing, professionally. I said I was an assistant part time, but that I spent most of my time on Tumblr. He said well, we should talk. "