Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wishing for More Work on my iPad

The use case of regularly doing nontrivial work in Microsoft Office on a touchscreen, slate-type tablet is… optimistic" - 

I disagree with Marco. I wish I could do more work on my iPad. I need a better solution to the typing problem though. Right now I either peck on the screen with a couple fingers or I bust out the physical keyboard which takes time, I don't always have it, and most inconveniently, I have to prop up the iPad just the right way and at just the right distance. Sometimes it's worth it, other times it doesn't.

Btw - I typed this blog post on my IPad while on an airplane. I have two memos I need to write but I can't stand the thought of pecking through a whole memo and the plane seat Is too cramped for the keyboard. 

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