Saturday, December 11, 2010

Top 17 Albums of 2010: 17 - Drive By Truckers & 16 - Notorious XX

I've been inspired by Bryan Kenna's Top Album countdown at TwoNiner so I'm going to do my own countdown. I listed my favorite albums of the year and came up with 17 so I'm counting down the The Top 17. Kind of random, but we strive to be different here at Kenny Kellogg. One of the nice things about doing this in Kenna's footsteps is that he's made some of the playlists already! So I'll be asking you to click through to his site, which you should be following anyways. :)

One more thing, I'm going to link to Amazon's store for all the albums that are available. If you buy something through this link (it's really easy to buy Amazon MP3's), then I'll donate the proceeds from affiliate sales to Ben's Friends. By the way, if you missed out on our fundraiser, we raised $7,300, pretty awesome. If you missed the fundraiser and your feeling good about the year and want to kick in a little cash, it would really help. Drop me a line!

#17 - Drive By Truckers - Big To Do - Kenna turned me onto the Truckers a few years ago. My favorite songs on the album are "You Got Another" with is sensitive and "Santa Fe" which is just plain cool. Here is Kenna's Truckers playlist which I fully endorse. My Truckers highlight this year came when John Hamilton and I went to their concert and at the end, they played their classic, Let There Be Rock. John turned to me and said, "I came to the concert mostly just to see this song." He was smart to do so, because it rocked.

#16 -Notorious XX - a mashup between Biggy and the XX. It's pretty freaking amazing and you can find the whole album here on Soundcloud. This is a completely independent fan of both Biggy & the XX and he put this together in his own time. It's one of the cooler Internet phenomenas in 2010. The music is terrific (language is for adults only).