Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"I didn’t grow up in a June Cleever household"

"I’ll admit now that I didn’t grow up in a June Cleever household.  My mom owned her own business with employees and big ambitions so I never had any expectations that parents should always and only be thinking about their kids.  On the other hand, she picked me up from practice every evening and when I was sick, she would come home for lunch to make me soup.  Now that I am a working adult, I can just imagine her announcing to her business partners in the middle of a busy day - whoops gotta go make soup." -- Stuart Roseman via Bijan

I wouldn't want the June Cleever mom either. My mom built an awesome business called Elegant Clutter while she (and my dad) raised us. She employed over 50 people, helped them take a lot of pride in their own work and raise their own family because of Elegant Clutter's flexible hours and policies. The whole time my brother and I were watching and learning, not just about how to run a business, but how to lead a complete life where you can take pride in your work, build something lasting and raise a family on the income it generates. I wouldn't trade that experience for the world.

Love you Mom!