Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting a Job

One of the pleasures of my day job is that I get to connect my smart, talented and driven friends to portfolio companies, which are desperately looking for these exact people. It's a match made in heaven for the company & friend and I get to read the fan mail from both sides:

"Thanks for introducing me to XYZ Corp. Awesome people, great business, but do you really think I have a shot?" - Kenny K Friend

"Scott, really appreciate the candidate you sent us. We love her. Do you really think we could land her?" - Portfolio Corp Management

It's fun for me and benefits both sides which is why I love to do it. If you read this blog and are looking, let me know. After that, read this awesome post by Derek Sivers on How to Get Hired. After I read it, I realized that in addition to being the playbook for getting a new job, it would work well for finding a Girlfriend/Boyfriend, New Client and probably even buying a house. He gives such great advice.