Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Chill Music (July 10, 2009)

Due to the technical difficulties at Kenny K this year, we're a little slow on the Friday Chill Music.

First up is John Hamilton's cool summer mix. There is a lot of new music on it and I really liked a lot of the stuff. I'm listening to it right now as I type.

Next is a cool video from Bon Iver's performance at Outside Lands last year. The song featured is the Wolves and the chorus goes, "What might have been lost..." The Author of Fuel for Friends, Heather Browne, posted this clip because Bon Iver was able to get the whole audience to sing a long. Pretty cool stuff and can't wait to see them in Oakland in September. Btw, Sasha Frere Jones of the New Yorker nails what is so cool about the chorus, "what might have been lost":

"The recorded version doesn’t approach the ruckus that Bon Iver made that evening; as we all sang along, the band pounded harder and harder, blending in little eddies of feedback and clatter. Those words are what get me—joined with melody, they seem like a summary of the entire album, especially with that highly conditional “might.” Trying to keep track of everything lost? Or celebrating what wasn’t? When the band was done, and the crowd had filed out, I was still in my seat." - Jones

Finally, the ladies at I'm All Ears posted two new great songs. The first is called Embrace and it's by PNAU. It has an amazing beat and it just feels right. The second is a new Jim James song, (or Yim Yames) as they call him. It's mellow and I listened to it a couple of times last night. Enjoy.