Thursday, June 18, 2009

There is No Substitute for Starting

One lesson I've learned over the last year with my side projects is that there is no substitute for starting. If you have an idea, you need to start where you can and let the project unfold as you go. I was reminded of this on Wednesday when a friend sent a link to a new business that had just started which was identical to something she's been telling me she wanted to do for over a year. If she had just started, no matter how small, she would have made so much progress. The day you start, it becomes real to you.

Even better, you never know who will help you along the way. I was reminded of this second part today when I logged onto, a patient support site that I help Ben Munoz with, along with our other sites, and I never could have anticipated that a guy like Winters3 would put our logo on his drag racing car to help publicize the site, but when you're doing something that people connect with, they inevitably help you out.

I hope you read this and begin whatever you are passionate about today.