Monday, April 13, 2009

Visas for Founders

Brilliant suggestion by Paul Graham that there should be a class of Visas for founders. I did a report on H1B Visas at Kellogg which made me realize how much folks in that class contribute to society and how ridiculous it is to limit their #. On a personal note, my buddy David Hegarty had to sweat out the visa process and my friend Jeremy Hudson is still sweating it out. These are really bright people. Is there any doubt RealWalm wouldn't live here if the visa process was easier?

Graham takes it a step further saying there should be 10,000 visas for startup founders. I love this idea because the biggest knock on immigration policies are that "they'll take away jobs from Americans already here." Well, if you are a Founder, you'll be creating jobs immediately. Great idea by Graham.