Monday, June 16, 2008

POM Wonderful

Interesting article on the "Pomegranate Princess" by Amanda Fortini. I've had friends work for Roll International and it sounds like a mixed bag. Lynda Resnick, the co-owner of the multi-billion dollar, private firm, is portrayed as being a little wacky in this article. Maybe she is a little wacky, but she got it done. I picked up on a little bit of resentment from the author, maybe it's just me, around how this wacky woman could make Pom Wonderful such a huge success. She didn't really do it by the book, and that's where I saw the resentment creeping in. The problem with not doing it by the book, is that so many people have bought into the "path to success." We own the book and read it every day on our way to work. However, the companies, and people, that I've seen have the biggest successes rarely follow the book. Just something for all of us to ponder as we read this article.