Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lulu Lemon Explained

I finally got down to the bottom of Lulu Lemon this weekend. It's the yoga apparel company that has been sweeping the nation. My buddies, Walmsley and Hegarty and me have been discussing whether it's a good stock to buy. It's been all over the place. Personally, I can't decide if it's a fad, or this generations Pacific Sunwear.

Here is the chart (note: Yahoo and Google still haven't figured out how to embed charts into blog posts).

Yes, we know these pants make women look really great, but so will other pants that come onto the market. It's the brand and the love associated with it that will give it staying power. I just wasn't sure if Lulu had it. However, numerous testimonials at the BBQ and this shot of the designer "ipod pocket" that Jim Williams' was sporting in his Lulu Lemon jacket clinched it for me. They have the love and are doing the little things right.

Now we just need to figure out the right entry point (price to buy) of the stock. Maybe this can be a group exercise. When should we buy?