Saturday, May 24, 2008

Note from London

Thought this little note from my friend Grant Smith demonstrates why sharing music in a controlled and responsible manner should be encouraged.

From Grant Smith:

Ok... so... In case there was any questioning left about that CD you put together at the end of CPM last year, I'm now up to 6 CDs bought/acquired on the heels of it:

Navigators - Glory, Glory
John Meyer - Continuum
John Meyer - Room for Squares
Gomez - How We Operate
Wilco - AM
Wilco - Sky Blue Sky

It's really not relevant to ask for more recommendations, when you already post them on your blog. But I figured I'd pass back the news.

Thanks for the kind words Grant.

By the way, I met Grant while studying in London in 06'. Of all the decisions I made while in MBA school at Kellogg, studying at London Business School for a quarter was one of the smartest. From a pure fun perspective, it was unbelievable, from an "eye opening" perspective it was equally valuable. I will never, ever forget my Negotiations class and all of the different culturally influenced styles and perspectives on truth and responsibility to the other party. Finally, I made friends like Grant who I plan on staying in touch with throughout life. Good stuff.