Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Media as a Weapon

The Bay to Breakers spilled into my apartment last Sunday. Multiple crews converged after the race and we gorged on pizza and margaritas with Pearl Jam's Immagine DVD playing in the background. Since i was the only sober one (seriously), I'm probably the only one that noticed a little segment in the video with Eddie Vedder basically saying, "there are 100 people in the world who could solve all of the world's problems,..if we could just get them to talk. We should lock them in a room so they can actually talk to each other."

Naive? Maybe. But I'm a believer. So what are those 100 people doing right now? Well here's an example:

O'Reily and Olberman - two big TV personalities - are fighting over nothing of substance. Instead of talking about real issues like soldiers (think Colby Buzzell) getting pulled back into the war. Instead, their venom is spilling onto the lapels of the network presidents who only care about protecting their own reputation. Depressing.

I'll try to find the clip of Eddie talking about 100 people later. Until then, join Eddie in a little Throw Your Arms Around Me.