Sunday, November 4, 2007

Feedburner & Customer Service with a Laugh

Chicago isn't known for producing kick butt tech companies, but it did just that when Dick Costolo (his Twitter feed and his Ask the Wizard Blog) and his pals started Feedburner a few years back.

I'm a big fan of Feedburner and use it to tell how many people read this blog daily and how many loyal subscribers I have (people who read through an RSS feed subscribe to the feed, it's much easier then remember to click on Kenny Kellogg). The company was acquired by Google in May for about $100M. Mad props to Dick.

While I was at Kellogg, he was kind enough to drop by once with one of his VC's to answer about a million questions from budding entrepreneurs at school. He then followed that up by having dinner with about 10 of us where he was asked another million questions. He answered every single one directly and honestly, and I think I learned more in those 3 hours spent with Dick then in a lot of my classes at school. He's the man.

One great thing about talking to Dick, reading his blog and following his twitter stream, are that he has a really funny, dry sense of humor. Even when it comes to customer service. His entry today made me laugh. Making customer service fun, now that is a talent.

November 04, 2007

Saturday Subscriber Count Drop?

If you saw your subscriber count drop precipitously in your Saturday, November 3rd summary from FeedBurner, the reason is that specific subscriber stats from Google Feedfetcher were offline because this service was apparently out late with friends on Friday night, and well, it completely slept through Saturday. It appears to have rallied, however, and amid firm declarations of "I'm never doing that again", Feedfetcher has started diligently reporting subscriber numbers to us, early this morning Pacific Time. FeedBurner publishers' subscriber counts should be closer to what you'd normally expect starting with reports that will be available on Monday morning.

Posted by Dick at 11:05 AM