Sunday, July 7, 2013

7 Links on Sunday - July 7, 2013

I took Saturday off in honor of the long holiday weekend, but I'm back at it with 7 great links for you this fine Sunday.

1. Disruptions: Social Media Images Form a New Language Online - The Internet continues to change, and it always seems to be for the better.

2. The Opportunity Cost of Streets - I never thought about it like this. A real eye-opener.

3. Things That Would be Interesting to Read/Watch/Listen to - Thought provoking.

4. Thinking About Money - Lot's of great advice in here.

5. How Aziz Ansari Tests Jokes With Analytics - Smart move by one of my favorite comedians.

6. The Woman on the Other End of the Line - Cool little story about a female engineer.

7. I'll leave you with a photo of beautiful San Francisco.