Saturday, July 13, 2013

6 Links on Saturday - Orbit App is Live, ESPN's Why I Stayed, and When Things Go Wrong

Back again for 6 Links on Saturday. Hope you had a great week. I'm loving the Vampire Weekend Friday Chill Music I posted yesterday. Check it out too. On to the links!

1. Glass, Home and Solipsism - Terrific essay reminding business people that while they think about their customers all the time, there's a pretty good chance their customers almost never think about the business.

2. Mobile Traction is Getting Harder - it's getting harder and harder to launch a successful app. Hopefully my Orbit App which creates visual approval ratings is an exception. It's went live today! I'd be grateful if you tried it and gave it a good review. :)

3. Carry On: Why I Stayed - Fantastic personal interest story from ESPN. There are so many amazing people out there.

4. Antonymous Person Posts $500k Bail to Free Teen - Kudos to a good Samaritan out there.

5. When Things go Wrong - This is how you handle it.

6. I'll leave you with a funny picture from my friend Cameron.