Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why Green Products Don’t Sell

Cool post from Calkins at Kellogg about perceptions in marketing, specifically green products. Everyone wants to be green, except when it comes down to needing an effective product. 

Building Strong Brands

The New York Times has an interesting article on the front page this morning: "As Consumers Cut Spending, 'Green' Products Lose Allure." The article notes that sales of a number of environmentally friendly products such as Clorox's Green Works have fallen sharply.

The article presents the results of a study done by Sanford C. Bernstein looking at sales of green products across 22 different product categories. The results are astonishing; green products now have less than a 2% market share and are declining. This includes green niche brands and green versions of traditional brands. Perhaps the most interesting finding: green products have never had more than a 2.5% market share.

This raises an interesting question: how can this be? Isn't everyone concerned about the environment?...