Monday, April 18, 2011

Cute Article on Entrepeneurship

Forwarded in by Jeremy Steele

How Eddie Vedder Gave Me My Start in Business

"In 1995, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder was inducting Neil Young into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I was a high school girl with every intention of getting to New York City to meet Eddie. But how?

 I asked the Waldorf if one of the writers for my magazine could get in to interview attendees and review the event and they suggested faxing in a request for a press pass. Only problem: I didn’t have a magazine.

So I launched one in less than a day. My cousin was the publicist for a major metal band in the '80s and agreed to help with content. In a matter of hours, after massively struggling through the software on our Apple IIC, we had come up with Zip Magazine -- it sounded snappy -- and picked really cool font for the header that was underlined with … wait for it … a zipper.
Lo-and-behold, Zip Magazine's editor landed a press pass to the event. I still haven't come down."