Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Insight or a Benefit?

Reading Tim Calkins latest blog post on Microsoft's new Windows Mobile commercial made me feel like I was back at Kellogg, in a good way.

First the commercial:

Then a portion of Calkins' analysis:

"In the new spot, Microsoft highlights a basic problem with smart phones; they are simply too engaging.  People with smart phones have a tendency to tune out the people around them.  This can be incredibly frustrating.  Almost everyone has had the experience of talking with someone only to have them look down in the middle of the conversation to check the phone.   This is a rather deflating moment.  The clear message:  my phone is far more interesting than this conversation.  The feeling is captured beautifully in the spot: “Really?” 

There is a difference, of course, between an insight and a benefit.  An insight is a bit of knowledge about how people think and act.  A benefit is a reason to use a product or service.
The big question now is whether Microsoft can use the insight to deliver a benefit.  I think this will be hard. "