Sunday, January 3, 2010

Living With Ataxia Video

I'm proud to announce that we have created a video highlighting Living With Ataxia, a patient support network that Ben and I built for people suffering from Ataxia. It's very similar to (AVM) and (Trigeminal Neuralgia). The two other moderators, Kati & Alan, are total superstars. Kati published her story about Communicating with Ataxia in a journal a couple months ago, and Alan contributes quite heavily to Ataxia UK, among many other ataxia oriented groups.

We hope you enjoy the video and you can spread the word in some small way with it.

One other thing, we're putting the finishing touches on a broader site called that will pull together the networks we have built. The current site is a bit of a placeholder, but hopefully the bigger and better site will allow us to build even more networks.