Saturday, May 2, 2009

Burma VJ

Last night I went to the San Francisco International Film Festival  with Jennifer Basile  and we saw Burma VJ. It was one of the most touching movies I've ever seen and I can't stress enough that you should see it. It's the story of the 2007 civilian uprising in Burma (Myanamar). The country is ruled by military dictators who have not been challenged since 1988 when a student uprising threatened to topple the government. The military responded by slaughtering 3,000 protesters at point blank range and the protest was controlled. 

Fast forward to 2007 and the another uprising is gathering strength. The government controls all media in the country but a small group of video journalists who use basic camcorders are busy reporting to the world, at the risk of their life.

The trailer is below. It's an incredibly inspirational movie and reminds you of everything we have in the U.S. Definitely see it.