Monday, September 22, 2008

Nice Touch: Union Station Foundation

The cool thing about the Internet and blogging in general, is that when someone does something cool or out of the ordinary, you can call it out. People who have a "Nice Touch" deserve more attention. That's why I'm posting this picture from the envelope of a Union Station Foundation contribution envelope.

Union Station is a Foundation that helps people who are homeless or have serious problems. A relative of mine found herself in a very tough situation a few years back. A Union Station affiliated house took her in and helped her overcome some challenges and get a normal life started. I'm forever indebted to those fine folks and make donations in her honor when I can.

That's why I have the envelope, what makes it cool is the wording in the stamp area. It says, "Your stamp is an additional gift to Union Station Homeless Services." Such a nice thought to recognize the small, but additional gift of the 40+ cents of a stamp. I bet that helps their conversion rate just a little bit more and it validates the nice act that a donor is making. A nice touch.