Monday, January 28, 2013

OXO Responds to Quirky

Well done response by OXO to a startup named Quirky that presumably was trying to generate some sensational PR by accusing OXO of ripping off their design. Below is my favorite part. It the whole response is terrific. 

"Ideas are limitless and patents expire for a reason: to encourage competition, innovation, and the evolution of new ideas that ultimately benefit the end user. If patents never expired, we would have only one car company, and the cars they develop would likely not be readily available and affordable to so many people all over the world. Imagine that.

At OXO, we either invent or improve. In this instance, we improved upon Mr. Kelley's patent. Many other innovators do this as well. Apple did not invent the Walkman. They did not invent the cell phone. They did not invent the tablet computer. Their designers improved each and now millions of people enjoy the fruits of their improvements."