Sunday, March 11, 2012


Interesting perspective on emerging markets...


"When investing in former colonies, remember the golden rule; colonies take after their parents. What this means is that French colonies have decent food, but cannot be invested in. Spanish and Portuguese colonies have decade-long cycles of boom and chaotic bust. If you can time these cycles, you can make fortunes. However, English colonies are where your money should be—especially when one of these former colonies begins to awaken after decades of quasi-Marxist rule. English common law is the foundation of civilization. Think of common law like the plumbing in a very expensive house. If you dump corrosive socialist sewage into the pipes, things will clog up and become dysfunctional. However, the pipes are made so strongly that with just a little common sense, you can clean it out and things will once again run smoothly. That's about the best way to describe Zambia. The sewage seems to be getting flushed out, allowing the British common law tradition to take over."