Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Brunch - February 12, 2012

It's the links! I wrote this listening to a Spotify Playlist called Evenlyn is Not Real.

  • Peanuts - great, short post showing how much crap (i.e. corn starch) finds it's way into something as simple as Peanuts. I've been trying really hard to avoid corn starch and I feel better.
  • The Lesson of Steve Jobs - An entrepreneur leaves his very successful startup because it's ruining his personal life. Great perspective.
  • A Softer World - great advice. In photo format.
  • Boney Money Brown - loved this guide to your "Blues Name." Mine is Blind Killer King. :)
  • Bags to Riches - the story of a terrific young entrepreneur (18 years old) who is recycling conference bags to give to the less fortunate. Akbar is an incredible young man.
  • The Rise of the iPad - mobile traffic is exploding. Every site needs a mobile strategy these days. 
  • The Allegory of the Hike to LA - Why Development Estimates are Always Off - fantastic post on software development and why it (or really any complicated task) always takes a much longer than expected.
  • Stinky Farts - great poll from Correlated. :)
  • Life Lessons for Jake - great post by my buddy Scott for his son.
  • State's With the Highest Voter Turnout... - linked through my buddy Alex Bain. Great idea on re-arranging primary schedules.
  • The Artificiality of Time - Seth Godin is write right, determining your time horizon on any project is a key to success. With Ben's Friends, we're not in a hurry, and it makes the little bumps a lot easier to get through.