Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Soup

I'm going to try a new feature for Sunday's where I throw out a few cool links. Not a lot of commentary, just something I thought you would like. Kind of a cross between Alex's Favorites and Paul Kedrosky's Weekend Reading

  • Amazing Garage Band Composition (via Papilicious)
  • Quote: "Creativity is not a gift, it’s a get." (via JC's Blog)
  • All Economics are Local (via Seth's Blog)
  • Eddie Vedder on Giving the Ukulele A Turn in the Spotlight (via NPR) - "I'm just encouraging people to turn off the TV and play these songs if you want. Some of them are really depressing. But have fun with it."
  • How Much Money Should I be Saving? – It Starts with Good Compost (via Kathryn's Conversations)