Thursday, February 25, 2010

Startup Visas

The Walm sent me this article on a new policy that would give startup founders a visa. As proposed right now, there are some huge loopholes, but generally, I really like the idea. It reminded me of a short speech I gave on H1B Visas while I was at Kellogg. Here is my presentation. At the time, there was a real possibility that my buddy Hegarty would have to go back to Ireland after school. Luckily, he landed a job with Microsoft, worked hard for them for 2+ years, and then started Hollrr. This Visa program would have been perfect for him.

Also, make sure to check out slide 6 and Scott McNealy's quote about Andy Bechtolsheim. It's hard believe that one guy could have such a huge impact on the tech landscape.
H1B Visas