Saturday, May 11, 2013

Six Links Every Saturday

It's my pleasure to be back at it again with another Six Links on Saturday. If you missed last Sunday's Seven Links, check it out.

Founders, Equip Your Champions - Great advice by Tomasz, whether you work at a startup or in a corporate environment, you have to help people advocate for your ideas.

Miscommunication by Seth Godin - Great observations here. The last paragraph is a real zinger.

Larry David to Escort Daughter to Paris Crillon Ball - The most awkward, and lovable, man in the world takes his daughter to a prim and proper event. I hope the cameras are rolling.

Consumer Reports Says Tesla is the Best Car Ever - Wow! Huge endorsement. I've heard a lot of people comparing Tesla to Apple 10 years ago.

Protected Bike Lanes Are Good for Business - Shocker. When you make a city more livable, people like to walk around and shop. Kudos to the local governments for making this happen. I've seen a lot of this in San Francisco.

My Brother, My Mother and a Call Girl - Really sweet story about a mother looking out for her disabled son.

The Golden Gate Bridge on a Beautiful Day Like Today